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“We knew we had to get going!”

Early this month Francie and her husband Marc moved from their 4,000 sq. ft home in San Francisco, where they had lived for 42 years, to a 988 sq. ft. apartment in an assisted living community in San Mateo. Here’s what Francie had to say about her experience going through the downsizing process with On The Move.

We were talking about moving for a couple of years, but we never got serious about it. But when the apartment we wanted in the community we wanted became available, we knew we had to get going fast. (Two weeks fast!)

We thought we could pack things up ourselves, and we tried, but we didn’t get much done. The Managing Director at our new community (Sterling Court) recommended Maria Quinby of On The Move. So, we called her.

I admit to being hesitant. But then we got going. And it was actually fun!

Our house in San Francisco is really big – so the furniture was big. There were things I knew that wouldn’t fit. (Like our 9’ sofa!) But I didn’t know what pieces we should take.

Maria got a floor plan of our new apartment and took pictures of everything we thought we wanted to take. She put the pictures on the plan so we could see how everything would look – and fit – before we moved in. Thanks to Maria, the only new things we needed to furnish our apartment were a bookcase and a small sofa bed for the second bedroom. We have a friend who let go of everything she had and bought all new furniture. I’m glad we didn’t have to do that.

The day of the move, Maria was at the apartment, directing the movers and making sure everything was placed according to our plan. She helped us decide where our artwork should go. And she hung it all right then. She has a sharp eye and knows exactly what should go where. She’s very clever!

We still have lots of stuff we’re not going to use left at our old house. We put everything we don’t want in the dining room and, since we’re going to be together with our extended family for Thanksgiving, we’re going to ask that everyone to take whatever they want and will use.

Maria told us she can help clear out the rest of the house. So, after we give everything away that we can, she can help us donate or responsibly dispose of what’s left so as little as possible goes to landfill.

We found Maria to be thoughtful, easy to work with, and very efficient. She doesn’t waste a minute. At the same time, she was very flexible if we didn’t agree. She was like a great friend.

Thanks to Maria, our new place feels just like home. I don’t think we could have made this move without her.