We're downsizing experts, and we know just how daunting moving can be. Especially for seniors! So our first job is to make it manageable. We'll design a transition plan to keep things organized and moving at a comfortable pace. We'll help you to decide what you keep. And we'll make sure that things you want to hand-down, sell, donate or toss get where they need to go.


Packing isn't hard when you know what you're doing. And we're pros. We'll bring the boxes and packing materials so that everything will be safe in transit. We'll make detailed lists of every box, so you know exactly where everything is. And we'll make sure the things you use most get packed last. You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily it goes!


We'll help you choose the right moving company and see that your contract is in order. The day of the move, we will be there to manage logistics; and we'll have people on the receiving end to put everything in its proper place. We'll also take care of filing your change-of-address forms, canceling your old utilities, and setting up your new ones.


Your personal floor plan will show where everything goes, so you'll feel at home from day one. No unpacking boxes either. We'll do it all—from your kitchen and bathroom to closets and pictures. We'll also make sure you have working phone and internet connections. And when you're ready, we'll come back with some design ideas to add the finishing touch!

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