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How to put stuff away now so you can find it later

Getting a house organized so you can find what you need it can seem like a never-ending chore.

It doesn’t have to be.

With these simple organizing principles, you can get on top of your stuff before it starts falling on top of you.

Start with one part of your home, or with a particular issue of concern. Then use these principles and questions to help you decide where to put your stuff so you can find it.

Principle #1: USE 

When do I use this? The things that you look for and use most often should be visible and easy-to-reach.

How do I use this? Put things that you use close to the place you’ll be using them. e.g., it might make more sense to keep barbeque tools with the barbeque rather than taking up valuable space in the kitchen.

How many of these do I need? One of something is probably enough. If you have multiple items used for the same purpose, it doesn’t mean that you need to find somewhere else to put them. It means one or more of them has to go!

Principle #2: ACCESSIBILITY 

Will I see it when I need it? It can be difficult to find what you’re looking for if your drawers and closets are overstuffed. Leaving some room when you’re putting stuff away will help you see what’s there.

Will I be able get to it when I need it? Think about what you’re putting on the bottom of a stack before you put things on top of it. Stacking boxes saves room, but also makes things difficult to access.

Can I reach it easily? Double hanging clothes in your closet can make effective use of the space, but it’s not that helpful if you can’t reach the top rack easily. When possible, avoid putting things  where you’ll have to use a stepstool or ladder to reach them.

Principle #3: RELATIONSHIP

What goes with this? Store items you use together. In the kitchen, you may want to store lids on top of their pots. Or you may want to nest the pots and have the lids together nearby. Choose an approach and stick with it.

What else looks like this? This principle can be helpful in organizing your clothes. In my own closet I have clothes divided into fancy, casual and sports categories, then tops and bottoms. My tops are sorted by hanging or folded, then long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless. Finally, I organize each category by color. It makes it super easy to find what I want to wear.

Getting organized takes effort. But it can save you hours of time and frustration spent looking for things when you need them.

If you’re ready to get your home organized, decluttered or downsized just let me know!