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Clearing your mind to declutter your home

Clearing your mind to declutter your home

“It’s often said that the things you own expand to fill the space you live in, but the opposite, that they contract to fit nicely, never happens.” — Alan Henry, Lifehacker

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, clutter accumulates.

For most people, where there is space available things arrive to fill it.

Before you know it, drawers are stuffed, closets are filled, and you’re spending time searching for a storage space unit to handle the overflow.

The antidote to being buried by clutter is to develop a downsizing mindset. That is: Looking at everything you own and deciding whether it has a place in your life. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get started.

1. “Do I use this?”
Much of clutter is comprised of things used once, and never used again. Time-saving appliances take up a lot of  this category. But so do shoes purchased for an  outfit worn only once. And supplies for a hobby you no longer have. If you don’t use it, lose it.

2.  “Do I love it?”
There may be things that you don’t use often, but that you truly value. Those are the things you will want to keep. If you love something, make sure you have a  safe place to store it, and that you know where that is.

 3.  “Can I live without this?”
In this category are things that you have multiples of — wine glasses for 24, 6 denim jackets, 3 vacuum cleaners — as well as     things that you are holding on to simply because you paid good money for them. Remember: If your stuff is not contributing to your life, it’s adding to your burden.

4. “Can I get it if I need it?”
There are certain things that even if you don’t use that it may make sense to keep: replacement parts are one example, but there aren’t many. Given the ease of finding even the most obscure objects on the internet, holding on to things only because you think you might need them someday makes little sense.

5. “Would someone else appreciate this more?”
Most things do not get better with age. If you are holding onto something that someone else would appreciate and use why wouldn’t you pass it along?

Whether you have to downsize because you’re planning to move, or you’d just like to feel like you’ve got more room to move, adopting a downsizing mindset will add spaciousness to your home and life. As a downsizing expert, I assist people in designing the kind of homes and lives they’d love to have. Let me know if I can help you.

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