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Downsizing Magic: How Less Becomes More

Downsizing Magic:  How Less Becomes More

Find yourself dragging your feet when you think about  downsizing or decluttering?  It’s probably because you’re focusing on all the things you’d give up. Instead, think about all the things you’ll gain!  Here are just a few of things you’ll get…

  1. More space. 

When every surface is piled up with stuff and every room is filled, a home feels cramped no matter how large it is. Uncluttering rooms and shelves makes even a small home feel more spacious.

  1. More time. 

Add up all the time you spend searching for things every day and it could easily turn into several hours a month. Now, imagine if things were right where you expected them to be. You’d not only have more time, but a lot less stress, too.

  1. More energy.

Whether you recognize it or not, living in clutter is exhausting. Besides taking effort to look for things, clutter creates an exhausting internal chatter about what needs to be repaired, arranged, and cleaned. Turning that chatter off will clear your mind, and take the burden of unending obligations off your shoulders. You’ll have more energy to do what you want to do.

  1. More appreciation.

One of the joys of decluttering is re-discovering treasures among the things you own. In excavating the closets and shifting things on shelves you’ll find things you’d forgotten, and see things with new eyes. You can and put the things that are important to you where you can appreciate and use them.

More space, time, energy, and appreciation are just a few of the positive outcomes of decluttering and downsizing. It’s likely you’ll discover more of your own.

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