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Beyond Joy: 5 Reasons to Start Downsizing Now!


Organization expert-author Marie Kondo talks about the joy that comes from downsizing. And she’s right! You probably will feel joyful when you’re done. But if you need some extra motivation to start downsizing now, here are additional benefits to consider:
Less stress – Imagine how you’ll feel when you look for something – and find it!
Releasing weight – Faster than any diet, when you release the weight of holding on to stuff you no longer use or need, you’ll feel lighter immediately!
Dumping guilt – Feeling guilty about stuff you never use doesn’t help anyone. Letting go of guilt means you’ll have more energy to enjoy the things you love.
Feeling relieved – You know you really don’t want to leave your mess for your kids to clean up. Taking care of it now feels great!
Enjoying life now! – Clearing out stuff you don’t use anymore, including reminders of who you used to be, frees you to appreciate and enjoy who you are today. And that’s what matters most.

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