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Moving? Bring These 6 Tips for Packing and Unpacking Your Home!


If you’re moving, it’s easy to forget that packing up your home is just half of the job. You also have to unpack at the other end! Use these 6 tips and you’ll have a smooth move from start to finish.

  1. Let the movers do the packing.

Yes, you could do it yourself. But what will take you weeks to do will take them a day. Plus, you’ll avoid the risk of hurting your back.  Worried about breakage? Don’t be. Movers are pros. If someone is going to break something, it’s more likely to be you.

  1. Plan where furniture will go in your new home.

Get an idea of how your furniture will fit by making a scaled floor plan of your new space. Don’t approximate! Every inch counts. Remember to measure your area rugs, too.

  1. Think about where you’ll put it before you pack it.

After you’ve done a space plan for your furniture, do the same for your cabinets and closets. Plan what will go where in your kitchen. How big is your new linen closet compared to the one you have? If you don’t have an obvious place for it, don’t take it.

  1. Pack a “survival” bag for the day of the move.

Ensure that you always know where your most-critical items are at all times by putting them in a suitcase to take with you in the car. Include a weekend’s worth of clothes, prescription medicine, your jewelry, and anything else you want to find quickly and easily.

  1. After the movers leave, unpack the critical rooms first.

Focus on getting your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen set up first. Overcome the urge to open things randomly. Instead, focus on unpacking the things you use and need most.

  1. Take time to put things away thoughtfully.

Since the movers will deliver each box to the appropriate room, and will label each box with what’s inside, you’ll easily be able to find everything you need. Since you’re starting fresh, take time to decide how you want to arrange your closets and drawers. Don’t just throw things in a closet. Use this time to think about the most logical places for things to go.