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The End of Kitchen Clutter: Organizing by zones

The End of Kitchen Clutter: Organizing by zones
When I have a client moving into a new home, one of the first things we talk about is how we’ll set up the kitchen. I always have the same suggestion.

To set up your kitchen for maximum usability, divide the space into five function-oriented zones: 

  • Serving/Snack Zone — for things you want to grab easily and often–dishes/glassware/cups & mugs/silverware.
  • Storage Zone —  for kitchen staples that you use regularly.
  • Cooking Zone —  for storing pots/pans/lids/bakeware.
  • Food Prep Zone  — bowls/knives/cooking utensils.
  • Food Wash-Up Zone — anything related to food storage or clean-up.

Look around your kitchen and decide where your food prep area will be.  A counter? An island? Store the things you’ll use to get food ready near there.
Look at the storage space closest to your stove. That will be the most convenient place for your pots and pans.
Look at the cabinets nearest your dishwasher. Save those for your everyday dishes and glassware and unloading the dishwasher will be easy-to-do.

Remember to store like items in the same place.  And don’t feel you have to fill every shelf with something. There’s nothing wrong with having open space!

After you get an idea of where things should go, tag your cabinets and drawers with sticky notes showing what goes where. 

Make sure that there is enough space in each area to hold everything you’re planning to put there. If it seems there won’t be enough room, move the sticky tags and “reset” the kitchen.

When you’re sure everything is in the most logical/convenient place, you’re ready to put your things away.

Congratulations! You’ve got what everyone really wants in their kitchen: A place for everything and everything in its place! 

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