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What’s keeping you from downsizing — and how to get started

What’s keeping you from downsizing — and how to get started

Of course you could downsize by yourself.  Why aren’t you?
Decluttering your home is one of those things it’s easy to believe you can do by yourself.  And of course, theoretically, you can.

What deters most people is not the physical aspect, but the mental one.  It’s hard to get started – and even harder to keep going.

That’s why getting professional help from a Senior Move Manager makes so much sense. When you work with a Senior Move Manager like On The Move, you know that you’ll get your downsizing or decluttering projected started and completed.

Here are a few important ways a Senior Move Manager can help you clear the hurdles and reach your goal of having a right-sized, organized and clutter-free home.

Getting Started

It’s easy to start attacking your piles of stuff. The problem is that it’s equally easy to become overwhelmed when sorting takes longer than you expected. A Senior Move Manager can help you take a realistic look at how much you have and how long it will really take to get the whole project done.

Making it Manageable

Going through your things – taking stuff out of drawers, closets and your garage – can make you feel you’re making a lot of mess, without making a lot of progress. A Senior Move Manager will help you stage and manage your project so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by chaos while you’re decluttering.

Staying Focused

Photographs and treasured objects aren’t the only things that carry memories. You could feel nostalgic about a broken cup. Or look longingly at a baby’s tattered toy. But waxing nostalgic and stopping to reminisce over every little thing makes it hard to keep moving forward. A Senior Move Manager will help you decide which memories are important to hold onto, and which are best to let go. She’ll help you hold on to the vision of the life you want to lead now.

Finding New Homes for Your Things

You have things that you don’t use, but they’re perfectly good. How can you even think of throwing those things away? The very thought makes you feel guilty!  Not everything you might think is usable or valuable really is. A Senior Move Manager can help you evaluate which things have substantial value, which would be appreciated as donations, and which are ready to be recycled.

Being There For You

Going through your things is an challenging process. Shifting the emotional weight can feel more difficult than moving the actual objects. A Senior Move Manager can be there to provide emotional as well as physical support every step of the way; or as much as you’d like her to be. The good news is, that with help, you know you’ll be successful!

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