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Secret to a Happy Holiday Season? Downsize!

Secret to a Happy Holiday Season? Downsize!


It may not seem like it, but getting in a downsizing state-of-mind can lead to a wonderful and meaningful holiday season. Before you make lists and start shopping, consider these ideas first:

  1. Use only what you’ve got.

Make your number one rule that when it comes to decorating, wrapping, or entertaining, you’ll only use what you already have. Get creative by choosing paper you’d otherwise recycle to package gifts. Go through your closets and cabinets to find candles and/or décor you’ve long forgotten. Think of “mixing” more than “matching” when it comes to holiday decorations.

  1. Donate what you’re not using.

The worst fires California has ever experienced have wiped out thousands of people’s homes this year. If there was ever a good cause and a good time to donate things you don’t need or use, this is it. Here’s an article listing some of the places ready to receive your help:

  1. Make yourself the gift.

People remember and cherish experiences more than things. So this year, make yourself the present. Make plans to do something simple – and out of the ordinary – with people you care about. Take a walk on the beach. Go to the movies in the middle of the day. Offer to dog-sit. Volunteer together.

  1. Share in spirit – not in stuff.

It really is the thought that counts. So share your loving thoughts and feelings with the people who are most important to you. Say the things you want them to know. And write them down. On paper!

  1. Remember to release your expectations – and increase your appreciation.

Anytime you feel the urge to make something “bigger and better” remember that less is more. Another gift, another bite, another anything probably won’t give you something you don’t already have.  Instead, look around and see the gifts that surround you — the things, and more importantly, the people. Appreciate them. And help others to appreciate what they have, too. That’s something everyone can use.

If you’d like help downsizing, donating or delivering things you don’t need, we’re happy to help. Happy Holidays to you!

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