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Move over, Marie Kondo. Swedish Author says death- cleaning is the way to go!
It’s become so clear that Americans are drowning in stuff that suggesting ways to help them pare down has become an international cottage industry.
It’s not about joy…

 Marie Kondo of Japan was first to make downsizing a national obsession, with her suggestions to keep only things that spark joy.

Now comes a Swedish author Margareta Magnusson with her new book, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

Being Swedish myself, I have to say I like Margareta’s approach more.

The premise is simple: If you don’t clean out your house now, someone you love is going to have to do it later. Leaving that task to someone else is not only irresponsible but mean.

It’s about responsibility!

“People have {homes} packed with stuff which they may not remember, and which can leave children conflicted when faced with the decision of what to keep,” Margareta says.

She believes people should start cleaning stuff out as soon as they realize they have more than they use — probably around the age of 40.

And surprisingly liberating

In America, where everything is focused on staying young and having more, talking about death cleaning sounds morbid.  But the truth is, making decisions about what to do with your stuff is very liberating!

Here’s an article from the Washington Post about Margareta’s book.

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