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Decluttering by category makes downsizing easy

Decluttering by category makes downsizing easy
If you’re ready to let go of some stuff, but you’re not sure where to start, try sorting and decluttering category by category. (You can get a list of categories here.)
1.     Create a work space.

Clear a spot where you can work without being disturbed — for example, the dining room table, the bed or the floor — and where you can be without disturbing what else is going on in the house.

2.     Gather like objects.

Choose one category of objects. Go around the house, find everything that belongs in that category and bring it to your work space. Make sure you have everything together before you start sorting.  If you were collecting office supplies you’d bring together all the pens, pads of paper, files, staplers, boxes of paper clips, markers, etc.

3.     Evaluate.

When you’ve collected everything in one place you can evaluate it. Ask yourself: Do I love it? Do I have another one like it? Have I used it recently? Do I need it?  Will I use it in the foreseeable future? Tell the truth!

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