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What’s downsizing really like?

What’s downsizing really like?

When I tell people that I help people downsize their homes, I often get a quizzical look. Senior Move Manager?  What’s that?

This letter, which I recently received from a client, will give you an answer to that question. You’ll get a good idea of who I work with, when they call me, and why.

(The letter is the gray type, my comments are in blue.

Dear Maria,
Mom and Dad will arrive in Washington on April 5th. They have enjoyed spending the winter in Florida and are excited to begin their new chapter in the Pacific Northwest.         –Before–

  Many downsizers are people combining multiple residences into one. They’re used to being able to pick up and go.  A Senior Move Manager will help them make sure they can.
Their apartment is almost ready. As you know, we brought too much stuff. There are 10 boxes of photos and knick-knacks that I won’t even unpack, at least until we need something specific. I suspect that whatever is in those boxes won’t be missed.
I always recommend clients identify the things they really use and let go of the rest.
Partnering with you in this experience has been wonderful. From our first meeting, Mom and Dad felt comfortable with you and trusted you to help us through the process of downsizing and relocating to their new home. Your manner with them was respectful, kind and gentle.
   After successfully helping my own parents to downsize two large homes into a small city apartment I knew I had the patience and temperament to help others. Many of my clients want to adopt me as their daughter, but I tell them my Mother wouldn’t approve.  
Being out of state myself, it was a tremendous help to have you on the ground locally with all of your network of service providers to find the best providers for our particular situation, at the best price.
              Until people do it themselves, they don’t realize all the different organizations, coordination and effort downsizing requires. Keeping everything straight can be overwhelming. That’s why expert help is so valuable.
On sorting day, you worked alongside me, keeping me focused and providing support for the hard decisions. In the meantime, you managed vehicle transport for my parents’ car. On moving day, you provided masterful oversight of the process, from packing to “green disposal” of items left behind, leaving the house completely empty and broom clean.
         Managing the details and making sure everything gets where it needs
to go is what I do best. It’s different every time. That’s why I like it!
My parents and I feel so fortunate to have had your support through this experience. Because of your skill, experience, kind nature and an excellent network of service providers, the process from start to finish was smooth, efficient and drama-free. We enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone considering a move for their elderly loved ones.
     Adult children, who are doing their best to keep up with their own lives, rarely have the time to manage the details or deal with the emotions that are part of the downsizing process.
Are you thinking about downsizing or do you know someone who is? If you’d like some help getting started, or taking it all the way through, I’m happy to assist. Let’s talk about it!You can contact me by emailing or by calling 650 740-4911.
I look forward to speaking with you!

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