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5 unexpected benefits of decluttering your home

Time and again, I  hear the same comment from my clients after they clear their stuff out and get their house ready to sell: “If my home had looked this good while I was living here, I might have stayed!”

You don’t have to move to benefit from decluttering your home.  But,  if you need motivation to get started, here are five good reasons:

  1. It can improve your social life!   The number one reason people give for not inviting people over is because they feel uncomfortable about their “mess”.  If too much stuff is the reason you’re keeping your friends at bay, it’s time to get some things out — and your friends in!  Start here:  Find one small area where you can imagine sitting down with a friend, and open some room there.
  2. It can help you think more clearly! If a cluttered desk makes a cluttered mind, think of the impact a cluttered house makes! It is hard to think straight when everything around you is in a jumble.You’ll be amazed at how much clearing up your home helps clear up your head! Start here: Collect like items (i.e. magazines)  spread over the house, and keep only what you’ll actually use or really want.
  3. It can bring in some cash. If you have unused exercise equipment taking up  space in your bedroom or garage, selling it will give you some extra room — and funds!  Start here: Think of something active you’d enjoy doing with the money, then go and place that ad!
  4. It can lead you to discover buried treasure.  What could be better than re-discovering something you loved and forgot you owned? Clearing the clutter gives you the opportunity to  appreciate what’s important to you. Start here: Look  for treasures you’ve put away and find a special place to put them.
  5. It can give you a  bigger house! An emptier room looks and feels bigger than a more crowded one. So the more you declutter, the bigger your house gets! Starthere: Take everything out of one room. See how big it looks? Now, put back only those things that absolutely need to be there.

Decluttering is easier when you have someone help you decide what stays and what goes.  I’d be happy to be that person for you!

Email or call me if you’d like to find out more!

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