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How to get a smooth move

Top 10 Tips for an Easy Move
How can you stay sane and even better—stress free—while going through a move? It’s easy if you follow Senior Move Manager Maria Quinby’s Top 10 Tips!!

Envision yourself in your new home. Think about how you want it to look and feel. This is your chance to start fresh! What things do you want around you? Make a list of those things.

Make a PLAN
Create a plan of attack, and start with the room/things you use least.

Set the PACE
Start early. (As soon as you know you’re going to move.) Then, dedicate a particular time each week to sorting and keep that time sacred. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

Sort with PURPOSE
Create categories before you begin packing anything. (i.e. Take, Toss, Recycle, Donate, Give.) Assign a different colored sticker to each category; and put a sticker on every thing. (Colored dots work, too.)

Clear one PLACE
Start small, stay small. Think about clearing out one shelf, or one drawer at a time. When you’re done with that area, allow yourself to be done for the day.

Put things in one PLACE
Clear a space for like items. (i.e. Everything in that corner is for Goodwill.) Mark each item with an appropriately colored sticker.

Get really PICKY
Be mindful about what you choose to take with you. Will you use it? Will you have room? Is it on your list of important things? If not, re-consider whether you really want to take it with you.

Call your PEOPLE
Get your family involved early. Find out who wants what. (And if they want something, give them a deadline to come pick it up!)

Label each box and take a picture of everything that goes in it. (Or, make a list.)

Have movers PACK
It will cost a little more, but you’ll save hours of time and worry by letting the movers pack. (Plus, you won’t be covered by insurance for breakage unless they do.)

That’s it! Give yourself some time, and a slow but steady pace – and you’ll have no trouble getting into your new place!

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